Thursday, December 18, 2008


My first high school, as a sophomore, is half over. It has been a little bit dull, but I think it will pick up in the second semester. In the second semester conference in basketball starts and soccer will start.

This first semester I have made pretty good grades and I have actually learned quite a bit. Math is a whole lot harder but I think I have learned more in this semester than I have in most other whole years. This is the first year I have really gotten in depth in a science class. In my other English classes I had learned how to spell and read, but in this English class I am actually trying to learn a lot of grammar.

I have learned a lot this half semester and I plan to learn more the next semester, and I will hopefully have fun with basketball and soccer as I do it.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Fate Vs. Free Will

In Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar the theme of fate versus free will is very relevant. I think Shakespeare believes that fate and free will coincide with each other and the line between the two is very delicate.

Fate is represented in the many prophecies and omens mentioned throughout the play. Free will is represented by the characters making big decision. Many characters had struggles between their fate and free will. Caesar, Cassius, and Brutus are the main ones. Caesar fate was prevalent in the beginning of the book when he ignored the soothsayer saying. “Beware the ides of March.” and later Calphurnia had a dream about Caesar dying. Later in the book Brutus and Cassius make many rash decisions that changed their fate drastically. For example, killing Caesar and then killing themselves.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

In Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare many of the characters support some sort of a leadership quality. Caesar himself was a great military leader Cassius and Brutus both were very influential public leaders, in Rome, and were the leaders of Caesar’s assassination.

In this play I believe Julius Caesar had the greatest leadership amongst all the characters. He had leadership qualities that were positive and negative towards Roman society.

He was a great military leader. Conquering lands for the Roman Empire, the Roman people worshipped the ground he walked upon. Caesar was a fascinating public speaker and a very intelligent man. The people loved him so much because of his people skills and public speaking skills.

In the contrary, he was very ambitious and Brutus, Cassius, and many others were frightened that he would become to powerful. Becoming powerful, Caesar could have become the dictator or king. Had he become the ruler the whole of the Roman Republic would have collapsed because it was based on everyone getting a say in government. Had he not been too ambitious he would probably not have been murdered.