Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Antigone Review

In Sophocles Antigone many different themes are represented. The strength to take stands against curses and rulers.

Losing her brothers in battle, Antigone must decide whether to take a stand against the ruler, King Creon, who would not allow her to bury her brothers or not allow her brothers to pass to the afterlife.

Taking major stands can have detrimental tolls both physically and mentally. Some are minute some are huge. Even though Antigone was faced with death she did not even have a second thought about burying her brothers and saving their afterlives.

Many say Antigone is much like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet because of the ruined relationships from suicides and murders. I agree though I think Shakespeare modeled Romeo and Juliet after Antigone because Sophocles was a much earlier writer.

Antigone was a very hard read for me because of the time period it was written in but the message still came through clear.

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