Friday, March 13, 2009

Anthem review

The future; when thinking about it most people see hover crafts, lasers, and many other major technological advancements. In Ayn Rand’s Anthem however that is not true. Though Anthem is based in the future you would not be able to tell that by the plot of the novel.

The main character Equality7-2521—yes every character in the book is named by this system—is different from everyone else. He is physically and mentally different.

In Anthem there is a sacred word that no one knows of. The society everyone lives in is based on a “we not me” mentality. This is where Equality is different. He lives more for himself rather than his “brother” (fellow mankind), but he does not really know that he is living this lifestyle.

I would recommend this book any more advanced readers because it stirs your thinking with its similes and metaphors. It is a short book and easy to comprehend what the novel is saying literally but not quite as easy to comprehend it analytically=

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