Sunday, November 16, 2008

Think Win-Win

There hasn’t been many instances that I thought about making a situation into a win-win situation, but I do every once in a while. There is one time that really stands out in my mind though about a win-win situation.

My family and I were having dinner one night. All the way through dinner we conversed and all was well until dessert, a batch of brownies, came out of the oven. As my mom was bringing them to the table my brothers and I were drooling over them. My mom is reputable when it comes to baking brownies. It was a small pan so every one of the six of us got one and there was one brownie left. Well my brother and I both being heavy eaters really wanted the last brownie and we started bickering. This happened for probably a good ten minutes while every one else was cleaning up. So I decided to compromise. If my brother got that brownie then the next time we had dessert I got whatever was left over. He agreed as he devoured his prize. The next week my mom made muffins and there were two left after supper. My brother mad with himself kept his promise and we both won.

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