Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Animal Farm Review

In Animal Farm by George Orwell—which is the pen name for Eric Blair—the Russian Revolution is depicted in a comical manner. Many famous people in history are depicted as animals overthrowing the farmer Mr. Jones, who is portraying the czar Nicholas II.

Old Major, the old prize winning hog, held a meeting just before he died to tell of a dream he had the night before. In this dream he recalled the words to a song called The Beasts of England. This song put the thought of rebellion into his head and he passed this along to the other animals.

The pigs being the wisest took charge of the rebellion. I thought I was ironic how some big names in history are portrayed as swine. Once the pigs took control after Mr. Jones was removed, they all got power hungry and were beginning to turn corrupt.

It seems amazing that none of the animals rebelled against the pigs but that is how it happened in Russia. No one could really figure out what exactly was going on. They just worked because the more powerful people told them to.

Animal Farm is a relatively easy read if you can read a little bit deeper into the meanings the book is representing.

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